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WAN Acceleration

WAN Optimization Platform

The WANJet® appliance is a symmetrically deployed WAN optimization device that delivers LAN-like application performance over the WAN. WANJet is based on the unique TMOS architecture, offering market leading performance and scalability, iControl development API, and iRules capabilities. WANJet operates at the session layer 5 of the OSI seven layer model.

For data centers, the WANJet 500 features pass-through fault tolerance and scalability for up to 20,000 optimized connections. For branch offices, the WANJet 300 combines pass-through fault tolerant features, silent operation, and performance for up to 1,000 optimized connections. WANJet solutions work seamlessly across all wide-area networks including dedicated links, IP VPNs, frame relay, and even satellite connections.