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Voice Services

Verizon Voice Services

Today’s global businesses require communication services to support employees, suppliers and customers more than ever before. They are also feeling pressure to stream-line and control costs while increasing overall productivity. Verizon Business can help your company meet these challenges. As a single source supplier we can provide you with a total voice solution across several countries thereby helping control the cost and reducing complexity of managing multiple vendors. Our consistent features across borders and comprehensive on-line management tools can enable you to configure and administer services to keep pace with your quickly changing operations.

A Solution for All Your Voice Communication Needs

Verizon Outbound Voice Services provides a high quality, cost effective and public switched voice solution for all your local, national and international phone calls. Our voice services are specifically designed for business customers and suitable for all companies that are concerned about the quality and cost of their voice communications. From growing businesses to large, multi-site corporate enterprises,