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Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Ensure Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Protecting key corporate data is a daunting challenge made far more difficult and expensive as companies engage in virtualization initiatives. All data - whether residing on physical or virtual servers -- must be backed up and available for recovery at a moment's notice. Additionally, administrators must prepare for potential outages of both legacy physical assets and new virtual infrastructures.

Companies and organizations of all sizes soon discover that - over time, both the size and numbers of their virtual machines (VMs) grow quickly. They need the ability to back up without taxing system resources. Also, all VMs must be backed up within the existing backup windows.

When data corruption or hardware outage problems do occur, time is of the essence. Administrators must have complete flexibility in their recovery locations and be able to start and complete this process quickly and easily. Critical business applications, VMs, and physical servers simply cannot survive lengthy outages, and therefore administrators must be able to construct fail-safe disaster recovery procedures for these key IT assets.