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Key Benefits

    • Fast, reliable data recovery
    • Control storage costs and footprint
    • Simplify storage management

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Data Domain deduplication storage systems optimize data protection and disaster recovery (DR) performance. Data Domain offers a comprehensive range of products to meet the backup and archive storage needs of enterprises of all sizes, as they seek to reduce costs and simplify data management. Data Domain systems support all leading enterprise backup and archive applications for seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures.

Optimize your data protection environment by minimizing reliance on tape. Consolidate your tape operations to reduce costs and ease management. Significantly reduce your backup windows and quickly restore key applications — local and remote.

Data Domain deduplication storage reduces data volume by 10-30x making disk backup cost-effective and WAN vaulting of data operationally feasible. Data Domain systems offer field-proven automated data replication, data deduplication, enterprise management and data invulnerability functionality for extended on-site and off-site retention and recovery.