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Dedicated Virtualization

Build an Agile and Efficient Virtual Business Infrastructure

Offer the highest levels of availability and responsiveness for all applications and services with VMware vSphere, the industry’s most reliable platform for datacenter virtualization. Optimize IT service delivery and deliver the highest levels of application service agreements with the lowest total cost per application workload by decoupling your business-critical applications from the underlying hardware for unprecedented flexibility and reliability.

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Build your Infrastructure on the Most Trusted Virtualization Solutions

Bring the power of cloud computing to your IT infrastructure with VMware vSphere, the next evolutionary step in IT computing and the most trusted virtualization platform available. Build on a proven virtualization platform as the foundation for private and public clouds, using federation and standards to bridge cloud infrastructures—creating a hybrid cloud structure that can respond to your evolving business needs. Reduce your capital and operating costs and increase control over IT infrastructures while preserving the flexibility to choose any OS, application and hardware.

  • Let your IT staff shift their energies towards creating transformative business solutions instead of routine maintenance of hardware and software
  • Get more from your existing IT assets and reduce capital expenses of the datacenter by up to 60%
  • Significantly lower power, cooling and real estate needs and cut your energy costs by up to 80%

Available in several different editions, VMware vSphere delivers targeted benefits to small business and mid-size and enterprise business customers.