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More and more businesses and organizations are moving data, applications and operations online. Many companies don’t have the capital dollars or the time to manage ongoing data center space and power requirements for their booming business.

These companies often choose Internap when they are looking for secure, offsite environments for their equipment or an outsourced hosting service for their applications and business-critical websites. Internap® data centers sit on the edge of the most robust network backbone available avoiding the local loop, which mitigates online risk. As our customers’ business models evolve to leverage rich media content, we help them stream it globally, and as their media library grows we provide scalable, secure storage for their content. Internap can handle all of this and more for your online business needs.

What is your business looking for?
  • Space and Power
  • Application Hosting
  • Content and Data Storage
  • New Applications (SaaS)
  • Offers a robust infrastructure and a space for customer equipment in secure, off-site environments
  • Solves real estate and network problems for many of our customers providing a foundation for
  • applications and a platform for growth
  • Gives customers direct access to a reliable and high-performance network for Internet connectivity
  • Provides alternative business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
About Internap Colocation
  • Strategically located throughout the world, Internap has more than 60 domestic and international data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • Our extensive network of owned and partner facilities offer access to millions of square feet of colocation and rich media storage space.
  • Internap provides energy-efficient, high-power density solutions.

A Rock-Solid Foundation for Your Business.

Move your Web servers, application servers, networking equipment, and other systems into one of Savvis’ multiple world-class data centers. You can improve your IT infrastructure environment by taking advantage of Savvis’ premier operations support and at the same time cutting your IT operating costs. Whatever your space, power, and connectivity requirements, we’ll work hard to accommodate them.

Savvis Colocation Advantages.

By subscribing to Savvis’ colocation services, you can:

  • Choose from an impressive array of premium colocation options depending on your particular space, power, and connectivity needs
  • Feel secure that your critical IT assets are physically safeguarded against both manmade and natural disasters
  • Flexibly scale your infrastructure to react to even the most volatile market conditions
  • Depend on our savvy on-site technology specialists to handle any issues that arise
  • Upgrade to more complex managed compute, network, or security services as needed, whenever needed