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An Enhanced Content Delivery Network for High-Quality Video Streaming

Quality video delivery is no longer about producing an Internet-ready video file and serving it up on a CDN “as-is.” It goes beyond latency, packet loss and the bare-bones delivery of bits.

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For the content producer, it is about taking the complexity out of the workflow and thus allowing them to focus solely on creating truly valued content. For the end-user, it’s all about ensuring the highest quality viewing experience of that content, no matter what the device or network conditions.

End-to-End, Highest-Quality, Highest-Performing Intelligent Solution

Internap Video CDN provides a fully-integrated solution for video streaming – with the Adobe® Flash® platform including Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft® Silverlight™ including Smooth Streaming and iPhone formats – that allows you to focus exclusively on content creation by simplifying and streamlining the workflow process for content uploading, transcoding, management and reporting.


  • Engage and connect with employees, partners and customers, no matter where they are located
  • Simplify the entire workflow from uploading to distribution to management to reporting and analytics
  • Eliminate the complexity and reduce costs for video delivery
  • Focus on the content, not the technology
  • Enhanced, richer experience
  • Highest quality video viewing – best resolution with consideration to network conditions
  • Continuous, uninterrupted streaming

Intelligent Streaming

When combined with Internap’s Performance IP™ service – which ensures optimal video delivery across the Internet – you receive an end-to-end, high-performance intelligent video streaming solution that simplifies and automates content creation, management and delivery to a wide range of devices on any network.

Global Reach

Featuring geographic diversity with data centers and Points of Presence (POPs) strategically placed around the globe, our Video CDN directs end-users to the most appropriate POP for streaming or downloading content based on capacity, availability, distance and performance. This improves stream delivery performance at the source by avoiding overload at any one location.


With Level 3® Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services, you can better manage ever-changing challenges that the continuous growth and popularity of digital media has created for Web-based businesses. While traditional content delivery methods are less effective, more costly and risk less-than exceptional end-user experiences, Our CDN offerings are powered by patented Footprint® content delivery technology and one of the industry's leading IP backbones.

As demands on the quantity of content and large file sizes dramatically increase — along with the end user's expectation for a richer Web experience — our content delivery network solution can help you stay atop rapid and unpredictable growth in site traffic.

CDN Service Details

  • Level 3 Communications has a comprehensive, flexible and scalable portfolio of CDN services with the freedom to move among them as your business needs change.
  • Our unique targeted solutions leverage caching, streaming and storage to address the needs of distinct segments so you can comfortably rely on us to deliver your entire library — including popular and long-tail content — as well as "bursty" traffic.
  • This end-to-end content delivery solution supports your unique business needs, from content creation to consumption — all from a single, trusted provider.

CDN Service Benefits

  • Enable greater operational cost-efficiencies and improve site- and video-delivery performance. Our CDN services proactively scale edge server resources to meet real-time usage demands.
  • Monitor and understand the traffic patterns of content — as well as the characteristics of those requesting it — with Media Portal, which includes an industry-leading Content Analytics platform.
  • Avoid costly capital investments and enjoy the flexibility of moving between network services at different phases in your content lifecycle.